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Fireye Mini+

This brand-new Micro Mini plus headphone amplifier has been developed by Firstone Audio to take care of the shortfall of sound quality that is present in some of the output stages of modern MP3 Players and Mobile phones. The new Fireye Mini plus headphone amplifier is 1.5 inches square and will enable the end user to hear an improvement in overall sound quality and base.



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Fireye Mini Plus can be used with any portable device and is equipped with a 3.5mm line input Jack. Powered by a rechargeable battery this makes this tiny convenient device a no-brainier to be included with your Mobile phone or MP3 Player. Not only only does it give you great sound but also offers very good technical specifications. The Fireye Mini Plus has been designed to power even difficult to drive headphones with high quality sound. It uses high quality amplification which ensures you are getting the most out of your portable device. One of the major problems with some portable audio devices is that the output stage is often made very cheaply. Luckily that can be easily corrected with a product like the Fireye Mini Plus. The battery lasts around 12 hours of continuous use and is charged in just 1.5 hours through the micro usb charging port.


Power Structure includes rechargeable battery.
Amplified structure coupling capacitor less, class AB
Bass boost Switchable +13 dB @ 130Hz.
Headphone impedance :32 ohm to 600 Ohm
Circuit Protect:Output short.Temperature protected.
Usage Time:Battery can be continually used for around 12 hours.
Charging method:using PC or USB adaptor source
Charging time :Fully charged in 1.5 Hours., Fast charge 1 hour = 90%
Audio performance
Frequency response (40Hz~15 Hz + 0.03dB~0.04 03dB~0.04 dB
Noise level: -109.2 dB
Dynamic range : 109.0 dB
THD% 0.0003%
Stereo crosstalk :-98.55 dB
Chip: OPAmp:maximum-MAX97722A
Dimensions : 3,9 x 3,7 x 1,1 cm
Weight : 18 gram (without cables)


Light and handy
Bass Boost switch on and off
USB charging
Chageable Faceplate
Chio Tian (Artistic Creativity Through One's Athletic Performance.)
Charging time :Fully charged in 1.5 Hours.
Headphone impedance :32 ohm to 600 Ohm
Usage Time:Battery can be continually used for around 12 hours
All cables supplied


Charge Input : 1x Mini USB Jack
Line Input : 1x 3.5 mm Phone Jack
Line Output : 1x 3.5 mm Phone Jack

Scope of Supply :

Fireye Mini+
Mini USB cable
3.5 mm phone wire
Warranty card

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