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Supplier 220VAC

"Supplier" power supply - Availalbe in Black and Silver.
This upgrade power supply gives more punch, dynamics and power to your Firestone Audio devices. You will hear the difference. This is not a gadget upgrade, it is a must have audiophile requirement.
This thing is giving best quality, silent power for your Cutes and DAC's.




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Why take a Supplier ?

The standard power supply as delivered with you Firestone unit is of good quality and is capable to satisfy the listening requirements for most users. However when you swap the existing power supply with the new “SUPPLIER”, you will hear the difference immediately. SUPPLIER is just a cleaner and more powerful power supply unit, specially designed for the real audiophiles amongst us. Now your Firestone component is capable of also following the ultra dynamic variations in your music, specially when driving more demanding loads like bigger headphones. SUPPLIER is a “must have” upgrade for your Firestone component.

The Suppier is an upgrade for :

Cute Beyond
Cute Curve
Spitfire DAC
Fubar IO
Fubar4 Plus
RIAA phono Korora
Not needed for : Big Joe 1,2,3,4, Little Country III, Tube Head, Libby, Rubby
Not compatible with the new HD Cute series


Input 220-230VAC / 50 & 60 Hz, suitable for EU-Countries.
Output 24VDC ± 5%; 300mA max. output
Housing dimensions : 117 x 80 x 50 mm (D x W x H). Housing only without parts 'sticking out' like connector parts, switches, etc.
Weight: 462 gram (without mains cable)

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